SWDSL Member Contact Responsibilities

The Member Contact is a vital link between the League and the organization. In order to ensure Member Contacts are prepared and informed we have created the following list of expectations / responsibilities. 

Responsibilities of the Member Contact:

1. Ensure the coaches from your organizations know you, your role within your organization and have all of your contact information.
2. Inform and enforce with your organizations coaches the proper SWDSL contact procedure. The SWDSL will not act upon requests or reply to inquiries made by anyone other than yourself – please make sure your coaches are fully aware of this.

3. Review and forward all of the information sent from your organization to the SWDSL.

4. Review all of the information sent from the SWDSL to your organization.  Forward all pertinent information to your coaches, directors etc.  You are the liaison between your organization and the SWDSL.

5. Familiarize yourself with the SWDSL Rules & Regulations and procedures to be in a position to give accurate up-to-date information to their respective organization and coaches.
6. Ensure game protests are sent in according to the SWDSL rules.

7. Provide information to your organizations coaches regarding coach certification requirements and available courses.

8. Register your organizations teams with the SWDSL at the Team Registration deadline.

9. Provide the SWDSL Administrator with accurate field maps for your playing venues.

10. Ensure all regular season games are completed in accordance with the date limitations as set forth in the SWDSL Rules and Regulations.

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