Youth Cup Information


U13 - U21 Preliminary Rounds will be played during the season with set dates for the completion of each round as identified on the draw charts.

U13 - U17 Semi-Finals will be played during the season with a set date for match completion as identified on the draw charts following the preliminary rounds.

U17/18 Girls, U18-U21 Men's, and U21 Women's will play Semi-Finals and Finals on August 20th and 21st.
Location: University of Guelph East and West Fields
Time: Between 8am and 5pm (Kick-offs to be announced)

U13 - U17 Finals will be played on Saturday, September 17th, 2022. 
Location: University of Guelph East and West Fields
Time: Between 8am and 5pm (Kick-offs to be announced)

Host Teams:

Preliminary Round and Semi-Final Hosts are identified in green on the draw charts. Host placements were determined on the draw charts prior to the random draw that then placed teams into these positions.

Host teams in coordination with their club contact and opponent will be responsible for scheduling their match on a Friday or Alternate Playing Night as published here. The league must be notified a minimum of 14 days in advance of the Cup match to ensure game crews can be assigned.

Cup Schedules:

Cup schedules will be posted as received and confirmed.

For schedules please visit the game tab, and then click schedule on the left panel menu. From there you would choose your age division that has the word 'cup' in it.

Match Officials:

Payment to the game crew is to be split equally between the home and away team and paid prior to the match in alignment with league rules.

Youth Cup Rules:


Draw Charts

U13 Boys - Draw Chart

 U13 Girls - Draw Chart 

U14 Boys  - Draw Chart

U14 Girls  - Draw Chart 

U15 Boys - Draw Chart 

U15/16 Girls  - Draw Chart

 U16 Boys  - Draw Chart 

U17/18 Girls - Draw Chart 

U17 Boys - Draw Chart 

U21 Women's - Draw Chart 

U18-U21 Men's - Draw Chart 

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