Outdoor 2022 - Southwest District Soccer League

Outdoor 2022 Rules and Regulations 

*Additional Rules may be added prior to or during the season to address public health or return to play restrictions.

Section #


Applicable Documents

Section 1.0


Section 2.0

League Registration

Section 3.0


Section 4.0

Responsibilities of Club and Team Officials

Club Contact Responsibilities
Coaches Declaration

Section 5.0

Player Identification

Section 6.0

Player Eligibility

Temporary Eligibility Permit
Trial Registration Permit

Section 7.0


Section 8.0


Game Change Request

Game Reschedule Process

Section 9.0

Postponement and Defaulting of Games

Opponent No Show Report

Defaulting Game- Notification

Section 10.0

The Game

4 up 1 up Procedure

U13 Retreat Line

U8 Festival Rules

Grassroots Matrices 2021

Section 11.0

Game Start Time

Section 12.0

Uniforms and Equipment

Section 13.0

Game Sheets/ Reporting

Section 14.0

Match Officials

Match Official No Show Report
Match Official Travel Expenses
Match Official Expense Claim Form

Lightning Safety/ Severe Weather Policy

Section 15.0

League Standings

Section 16.0

Promotion/ Relegation

Section 17.0

Cup Competitions

Section 18.0

Indoor Competitions

Section 19.0


Southwest Soccer Discipline Structure

Section 20.0

Protests/ Appeals

Appeal to Southwest Soccer Form

Section 21.0

Other Provisions

Appendix A (Game Duration and Playing Night)
Appendix B(Fee Schedule)
Appendix C  (Discipline Structure)

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