2019 Outdoor Registration Forms Released

Southwest Soccer Members,

Please find linked below the Club Contact and Registration Forms for the Southwest Soccer League Outdoor 2019 Season.  All Registration Forms are also available under the 'About' tab.


New for Outdoor 2019:  

Changes to Kick-off Times: Please review the attached rules and regulations 11.0 Game Start Time

Rescheduling Changes: Please review the attached rules and regulations 8.0 Rescheduling 

U11/U12 Festival Dates

-   June 22nd-23rd weekend
   July 20th-21st weekend

Registration Deadlines


Registration Deadline

Registration Fee Deadline


Last Friday in May(May 31st)

At time of Registration

Grassroots (U9-U12)

February 1st2018

Last Friday in February(February 22nd)

U13-U18 (Comp & Rec)

February 1st2018

Last Friday in February(February 22nd)

Senior Recreational

February 15th2018

Last Friday in March(March 29th)


Registration Forms


Click the underlined link to access the relative SWDSL registration form. Please note that the Club Contacts Form must be submitted prior to any team registrations being accepted.

Club Contacts Form-Deadline- prior to team registration submissions

U9-U12 Registration Form (Development and Target)

U13-U18 Registration Form (Competitive Tier 1/Tier 2 and Recreational)

U8 FestivalsFestival Registration form and dates to be released at a later date



For clubs/teams without a bond currently on file with the league, bonds are set as follows and are due with registration fees:

Youth Club: $300.00
Senior Team: $200.00


Please note that cheques are to be made payable to South-West Regional Soccer Association or SWRSA.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the Southwest Soccer office. We look forward to another successful season!

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