U8 Festival Registration - Seeking More Teams

Good Morning Youth Clubs, 

This is notice that U8 Festival Registration for the Southwest District Soccer League is now open!

The 2019 U8 schedule will consist of 7 Festivals located at Bristol Park in Guelph and 1 season wrap up festival in Guelph. For further details please follow the provided link:

SWDSL Festivals

Registration Forms can also be found on the League website (www.swrsaleague.ca) under About and Forms. The form is also available through the provided link:

U8 Registration Form

Registration is to be completed by club contacts only!

Details Regarding Fees are as follows:

Registration Deadline Date: Monday, May 27th 2019 - Extended until June 14th 2019

Registration Fees Due Date: At time of registration

Registration Fee:       $150.00 (1st registration per gender per club)
                                   $100.00 per each additional squad

Registration Cap:

As per Outdoor 2018, a limitation on the number of allowable U8 squad registrations does exist.  The maximum total number of squads per Club is six with a limit of three per gender (3 boys, 3 girls). Unless club has been told otherwise.

Thank you and see you at the field!


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