2019 League Survey Summary



Heading into the 2019 Outdoor Season Southwest Soccer determined that our district league needed to create a more open yet organized forum to address league rules and procedures based on member input.


In mid-July the district league reached out to membership and team officials to participate in the process by way of survey. Two surveys were developed and distributed with content relative to the party completing the survey; team officials and clubs. Not all content in the two surveys differed as some questions applied to all participants. The team officials survey was split based on division participating in; Grassroots or Youth. The surveys were communicated via email to clubs and sent through the league website directly to team officials on July 19th with a closing date of August 6th 2019.


The goal of the survey was to gather vital information to use as a base to review what is working well, what can be improved, and key areas to address prior to the Outdoor 2020 season while providing membership with proper notice.


The survey’s brought in responses from sixty-eight team officials and ten clubs whom represent 80% of the league member teams. The results produced the following numbers:


  1. 77% of Clubs and 68% of Grassroots Team Officials prefer double header scheduling to reduce competition days.


  2. 70% of Clubs and 60% of Grassroots Team Officials support U11 / U12 Saturday playing days with a preference for double headers.


  3. 55% of Clubs believe the league should kick-off the week of May 15th on grass fields and the first week of May on turf when available.


  4. 40% of Clubs and 66% of Team Officials stated that they make use of fields when a visiting team forfeits a game within 72 hours.


  5. 70% of Clubs, 76% of Grassroots Team Officials, and only 43% of Youth Team Officials found it beneficial to have Team Officials participate in the League Kick-Off Meeting.


  6. 60% of Clubs, 55% of Grassroots Team Officials, and 71% of Youth Team Officials would prefer the Kick-Off Meeting be held by Webinar or Online Video.


  7. 95% of Grassroots Team Officials and 62% of Youth Team Officials make use of the distributed coach packages. 70% of the Clubs would like to receive a copy.



  8. 70% of Clubs and 52% of Grassroots Team Officials prefer a physical copy of the coach’s package. 60% of Youth Team Officials prefer a digital copy.


  9. 60% of Club say their teams can print game sheets on their own paper. 65% of Grassroots and 57% of Youth Team Officials say they want the league to continue providing carbon paper.


  10. 55% of Clubs, 54% of Grassroots Team Officials, and 65% of Youth Team Officials stated that all processes are clear. 35% of Grassroots and 25% of Youth Team Officials want greater clarification of the rescheduling process.


  11. 50% of Clubs want to pay Match Officials fees at time of registration. The 50% of clubs supporting this change represent 52% of the teams in the league. The 50% that want to continue paying Match Officials at the field represent 28% of the teams in the league.


  12. 80% of Clubs and 45% of Youth Team Officials want to keep the Youth Cup format the same held in early September. 45% of Youth Team Officials would like the Youth Cup changed to a single knockout format scheduled throughout the season on set dates.


  13. 60% of Clubs stated support for a full U8 program. The 60% supporting a full U8 program represents 60% of the leagues team population. The 40% not in support of a full U8 program represent 20% of the leagues team population.


The Southwest District Soccer League will be taking this valuable information to review, analyze, and make meaningful adjustments to league rules and operations.  In addition to the survey, the league will be implementing a procedure where changes to league rules can be requested annually during a set time frame on a provided form.



Thank you for your assistance in circulating the survey and for providing input.




Southwest Soccer District League

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