SWDSL 2020 Season Update

The SWDSL wants to keep our teams updated as much as possible founded on current information.

On July 8th the SWDSL reconvened the working group to discuss how to proceed with league operations for Outdoor 2020. The original published plan and timelines were developed prior to Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide being published and therefore needed to be reevaluated.

The consensus from the meeting is that due to participant uncertainty Clubs/Academies will need time to confirm teams upon Ontario Soccer’s Phase 3 being announced. Potential changes in team numbers and division sizes poses challenges to be tackled in a short period of time by the league. Therefore the notice period to kick-off has been extended to three weeks.

On July 14th the Southwest Soccer Board of Directors approved –

The shutdown of the Outdoor 2020 District League season on August 1st 2020 if we have yet to receive notice of Ontario Soccer Phase 3 being reached prior to our last proposed kick-off date of August 24th 2020. Collected League Entry Fees are to be refunded in full to the clubs and academies.

This decision provides clubs/academies with the opportunity to turn their attention to planning for exhibition game schedules, festivals, and tournaments should Ontario Soccer Phase 3 be announced post league shutdown. Southwest Soccer is committed to supporting the various forms of competition available in Phase 3. If possible in September or October the district will look to supplement exhibition game competition with a festival and/or tournament.


At this time and in accordance with original released plans we will be shutting down the U17/18 divisions. With the last feasible kick-off date being July 27th  we are unfortunately unable to operate these divisions. We thank you for your ongoing commitment to the district league and ongoing patience during this unprecedented time. 


It is important to note that in order for your teams to participate in Outdoor 2020, the Club/Academy must obtain status through Canada Soccer’s Risk Assessment Tool. The District will receive notice from Ontario Soccer upon club completion of the process.


Click here for the SWDSL Plan B matrices.


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