SWDSL 2021 Season Update

UPDATE - 07/22/2021

2021 Additional Rules have been updated to reflect step 3 of re-opening and player eligibility in Grassroots Divisions.

Player Eligibility (Grassroots)  Rule 6.3.2 limiting grassroots call ups to house league programs of the same age division is void for the Outdoor 2021 season. In all Grassroots Divisions, call ups are permitted from target, development, or house league teams from the age division one year below the team in need of a player. In all Grassroots Divisions, call ups are permitted from house league programs of the same age division.  Open roster player movement is permitted and encouraged amongst target and development teams in the same age division. In U8 through U11 Grassroots Divisions, calling a player down from house league programs of the age division one year above, the team in need of a player, is permitted.  The purpose of rule through is to assist clubs in populating game day rosters and as a result limit the number of game defaults in a season where program registration numbers are low.


UPDATE - 7/05/2021

Following today's meeting with the league working group the following has been determined.

- League play will commence on July 5th for Clubs / Academies within public health units entering Step 2 on  June 30th 2021.
- Clubs / Academies within the Region of Waterloo remaining in Step 1 will be scheduled to join competition commencing the week of July 19th but may be subject to postponement pending announcements and lead time.
- July schedules are currently being adjusted and confirmed with Clubs / Academies and will be released to teams via the league website by June 30th 2021.

- Schedules for August and September will be released mid-July once confirmed.
- A coaches package will be provided with  rules and reporting procedures.
- An optional virtual coaches kick-off meeting has been schedule for Wednesday July 7th @ 7pm. A link will be issued to the clubs and coaches.

Additional Rules for Outdoor 2021 have been published for reference.


As of today the Government of Ontario announced the provincial movement into Step 2 of Reopening which permits league operations as of June 30th 2021. Shortly thereafter it was announced that the Region of Waterloo will be remaining in Step 1 for the time being.

The League Administration is working diligently to adjust the released plans and schedules to adhere to the updated guidelines which do not require competitive bubbles or isolation periods.

Communications will be issued soon to all member organizations and teams on the updated plan and timelines including how to address the Region of Waterloo, kick-off meeting, and additional rules for 2021.

For the time being it is important to be prepared for a return to league play commencing the first week of July (regions in step 2) on published playing and alternate days. Please ensure all players have been registered with the district association and are entered into the league site.



Thank you,


SWDSL Administrator

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