U18 Girls

1Storm FC U18G15131148153340
2BVB IA Waterloo - GU18D15121251153637
3South Simcoe United 2005G155372527-218
4Kitchener TFC U18 Girls A154382336-1315
5Stratford Strikers U18 Girls151682050-309
6RED Academy U18 Girls1522112044-248

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1Rowan MULDERStorm FC U18G20
2Brooke MEYERBVB IA Waterloo - GU18D12
3Aaliyah MCLENNONKitchener TFC U18 Girls A9
4Ellis RICKERT-HALLBVB IA Waterloo - GU18D9
5Lauren HSUBVB IA Waterloo - GU18D8
6RACHELLE WAGLERStratford Strikers U18 Girls8
7Kristina BECKETTStratford Strikers U18 Girls7
8Krystyna DOSENRED Academy U18 Girls7
9Erica GISMONDISouth Simcoe United 2005G6
10Vanessa RUSSELLStorm FC U18G6

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Mikayla SPROULEStorm FC U18G9
2Chase HAIDBVB IA Waterloo - GU18D7
3Emilee NODWELLSouth Simcoe United 2005G3
4Katie ANTONIOStratford Strikers U18 Girls1
5Kaya CIKICRED Academy U18 Girls1
6Peyton BARKERSouth Simcoe United 2005G1
7Sarani SRIVIJAYASRIKitchener TFC U18 Girls A1

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