U16/U17 Girls

1Storm FC U16G15121271224937
2Cambridge United 2007 Girls15120368175136
3Guelph Jr. Gryphons Black 07G1591547321528
4Kitchener TFC U16 Girls A158073235-324
5Kitchener TFC U17 Girls A1512121453-395
6BVB IA Waterloo - GU17D150213780-732

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1Mackenzie WRIGHTCambridge United 2007 Girls22
2Meaghan WITTEStorm FC U16G20
3Grace VANWIJNGAARDENCambridge United 2007 Girls19
5Odessa HAGENGuelph Jr. Gryphons Black 07G17
6Alicija VRBANACKitchener TFC U16 Girls A10
7Elina AYALAStorm FC U16G10
8Hannah FARRELLGuelph Jr. Gryphons Black 07G10
9Mia LORITOGuelph Jr. Gryphons Black 07G8
10 Saige HAZELL-SCHELLStorm FC U16G7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1 Kaydan ST.LOUISStorm FC U16G6
2Amelia WILLIAMSKitchener TFC U16 Girls A4
3Kennedy SHUTSACambridge United 2007 Girls4
4Alexa GRUNDYCambridge United 2007 Girls3
5Brooklynn HILLKitchener TFC U17 Girls A1
6Kylee PRINGLEGuelph Jr. Gryphons Black 07G1
7Mae RYEGuelph Jr. Gryphons Black 07G1

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