U21 Womens

1Puslinch Predators W2115102339231632
2Kitchener TFC U21 Women159063531427
3Storm FC U21W155462124-319
4Cambridge United U21W1522112037-178

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1Emma CAPPERPuslinch Predators W2118
2Claudia KROEKERKitchener TFC U21 Women13
3Klementina DIMOVSKAStorm FC U21W8
4Cleo GRAVESKitchener TFC U21 Women7
5Dylann MCDOUGALDCambridge United U21W6
6Angelina GEMINPuslinch Predators W215
7Annette DEGROOTPuslinch Predators W214
8Iman YOUSEFIKitchener TFC U21 Women4
9Katherine NUSCAKitchener TFC U21 Women4
10Ella SMITHStorm FC U21W3

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Abigail TOWLSONPuslinch Predators W212
2Adrianna GEMINPuslinch Predators W212
3Katrina KAMPENStorm FC U21W2
4Samneet SANDHUCambridge United U21W2
5Alison CROWLEYCambridge United U21W1
6Eryn SWANGARDKitchener TFC U21 Women1

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